No Java Webstart in 64 bit editions of Linux

So… Is there a way to start the projects without a JWS? I can verify that Java works

Huh, that is news to me. See … 64bits.xml for more info. Sounds like running the 32 bit JVM side-by-side is the easiest option.

The runtime can be launched manually, but the instructions are fairly involved. If you take a look at the JNLP file that starts the JWS system, you’ll see a bunch of *.jar files referenced. You need to manually download these jar files from the gateway and place them in a directory. Then you’d need to create a script to launch the runtime that looked something like this:
(note - this is a linux-style invocation, on windows the path separator is semicolon not colon)

java -classpath ./FPMIRuntime.jar:./chart-min.jar -Xmx512M -Dproperty=value com.inductiveautomation.factorypmi.application.runtime.RuntimeJWS

Where the -Dproperty=value gets replaced for each property defined in the JNLP.

Yeah, I removed the x86_64 version of Java 6 from my laptop, and installed the i586 version, with the browser plugin. All is well in the land of linux