No need to update Java with Ignition 8?

From article at link - it is clear that client machine do not need Java installation/update.

But does the server where Ignition 8 is installed need regular Java update (for security patches etc.)?

Ignition 8 uses embedded Java for the server as well as for the clients so Java updates are part of Ignition updates.

So, if there is any update related to Java, IA will release new version (e.g. 8.0.x)?

Yes. We’ve already upgraded the bundled runtime a few times in 8.0 minor version updates - it’s a totally transparent process that you don’t need to be aware of.


Thank you @PGriffith for you reply. For one of the projects we are working on, client’s IT team wanted to understand maintenance scope for them (for patches, Java installation upgrade). With Ignition 8, they won’t have to worry about Java upgrades on client PCs.

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