No Node Set

Today, I had to restart our Ignition Gateway. Slowly, the connection with one of the ControlLogix PLCs decayed until it was unuseable. The console was filled with “No Node Set” errors. I did a thread dump before I restarted. Would one of the moderators/tech support like to look at the thread dump or the wrapper to help me figure out what happened?


What version of Ignition were you using? Was this the first time that something like this happened? You can always email your questions and thread-dump.txt file to


This was on 7.7.5. I was going to contact support if I didn’t hear something soon. I like putting these type of issues in the forum so other users can learn if their problem is unique or if others have had it.

Do you want me to handle this via support?

Yes contacting support will get the issue resolve/attended to a little bit faster. You can always post the resolution back to this forum post after your done with support.


The problem occurred again (caught it early before it locked up) so I used the “opportunity” to get tech support involved via a remote connection. We weren’t able to figure out where it came from but we were able to correct the problem by resetting the OPC-UA server. Tech support has the thread dumps from both this and the last occurrence. Hopefully that information will allow them to narrow it down before this event occurs again.

In both cases, the problem occurred on L72 ControlLogix processor nodes. Coincidence???

I will call back in if it occurs again.

I had this problem occur again and was able to correct it with the OPC server restart. We are installing 7.8.3 to see if that has solved the problem. If it occurs again, I will contact support.