No updating of data after Update Rate Change

I use an Easychart to display data. I keep the data for 30 days and was updating the table every second. Everything worked fine. I wanted to change the update rate to every 5 seconds. Changed the rate in FactorySQL and restarted the group. No data updates anymore! I had to change the rate back to 1 second to get updates in the table…What causes this and how can I change the update rate to 5 seconds, or do I have to delete the group first and create a new one?

Hmm… it should be as simple as stopping the group, changing the rate, and starting it.

I’d try it again, or maybe try stopping the group, copying/pasting it, and then modifying the new one. Could be something strange going on with the original group not really being stopped behind the scenes or something, though I’ve never seen this.

Also, you might want to check the error log to see if anything’s popping up when you try to restart the group.


Worst case scenario, stop and restart the FactorySQL service. If it’s a bug and you can recreate it, we’d love to fix it.


I restarted the FactorySQL service and got the same results. No data updates, until I change the update rate back to 1 second.

Weird. Would you mind backing up the groups and exporting the error log and sending it to:

OK, will do…

We may have to check this out remotely. Are you sure there’s no “trigger” tab settings causing this?

OOOk, so we looked at this over go to meeting, turns out FactorySQL was logging just fine…

The problem came in with the way the data was displayed in the easy chart. He had a realtime chart set up to view the last 5 hour, and after switching over to a 5 second log rate, the data would stop updating.

The issue lies in the fact that the pens were set up to show gaps in the data. The way the easy chart determines what a “gap” is is to look at the average interval between points. Anything outside that range is a gap, and isn’t displayed. Therefore, with 5 hours of data at 1 second, anything coming in at 5 seconds falls into the gap.

In this case there were 2 options: change the pens to not show gaps, or simple wait. As soon as enough data came in to make the average 1 second, everything would be displayed.

2 techniques came in to play in troubleshooting this: first and foremost, using the db browser in FactorySQL to look at the database and see that the data was, in fact, being logged. Second, changing the units on the realtime chart to something smaller- going from 5 hours to 5 minutes- made the data appear.

Just wanted to post this for the benefit of anyone else that might run across it.