No useful tags from Eurotherm 3504 Controller

Hi everyone, I am working on a small project where we need to get the process values and setpoints from our ovens. We use Eurotherm 2404 and 3504 controllers to controll the ovens. I saw in an older thread (from 2013) that it could be possible to link the 2404 controller to Ignition but a gateway is needed (Moxa MGate MB3180) to convert from modbus to ethernet and connect via ModBus TCP driver and search for tags in OPC-drivers.

I was able to connect to the Eurotherm 3504 controller directly (Type: Modbus TCP). The problem is that I am not able to get any tags concerning the process value/setpoints,… I am only getting basic memory tags like: Description, Enabled, Name, Status.

The data from these controllers is being logged by a Eurotherm DataLogger (6100E,6180XIO,…). I’ve been able to connect to these devices but again I get only basic tags like I mentioned.

The Modbus protocol has no concept of browsing or tag discovery.

You need to manually create tags using the syntax defined in the user manual or the address mapping page for that device you’ve added.

Either way you have to know all the addresses and what they represent ahead of time.