No username validation in commissioning

TL;DR: There seems to be no username validation during gateway commissioning. I can set the username to have several “invalid” characters and even make the username longer than would otherwise be accepted. Also, the error message given when editing the username should mention the 50 character username length limitation.

I ran Ignition 8.0.14 and set an initial username during the commissioning phase. After Ignition launched, I went to change that username but I couldn’t change it to what I wanted. An error message indicated that my username “must start with a letter or digit and contain only letters, digits, spaces, underscores, @, periods, and dashes.” Then I realized that I had used a non-approved character in the username in the commissioning phase.

I tried a different username in the commissioning phase that doesn’t correspond to the username restrictions. These screenshots show how I could set that initial I username but was unable to edit that user because the username was invalid:

Setting the username during commissioning also accepts usernames that are too long. I created a user with a username 70 characters long, even though the normal user editing screen shows an error if the username is longer than 50 characters.

I attempted to change the username to be extra long (70 characters) but have only allowed characters. When I did that I saw the standard error message: Username "" must start with a letter or digit and contain only letters, digits, spaces, underscores, @, periods, and dashes. That error message doesn’t make sense when I have the right characters, but the length is the only problem. The error message should be updated to also mention the length limitation or give a different error message when the username is too long.

Can validation be added to the username in the gateway commissioning phase so others don’t hit the same confusing behavior I did? I also assume there’s a reason why certain characters aren’t allowed in the username, and thus you’ll probably want to ensure they don’t creep into a username via gateway commissioning.


Great catch, and thanks for the extensive report here, @peter.dolberg. We’re actively working on a fix for this, with clear messaging and username validation during the system commissioning flow.

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@peter.dolberg This fix was merged and resolved in v8.0.16.