No values in the tag

I have connected a machine controller via OPC-UA! The connection shows connected!
I drag OPC UA tag at tag creature! I see the names of all tag what is in the OPC_UA! But I don't see any value!
Does anyone have idea what can be problem?

I get this message when connecting to OPC-UA: "The URL 'opc.tcp://' was unreachable. Please select an alternative below."



Are you able to get a Wireshark capture?

If so, start the capture, then edit/save the connection to this device, and then stop the capture after ~30 seconds.

Unfortunately! It is not possible! The machine and ignition server is in another country.

Okay, instead, set the log level for the loggers you find searching "OpcUaSubscriptionModel" and "OpcUaSubscriptionSynchronizer" to TRACE and then edit/save that connection. Export the logs and upload them here after ~30 seconds.

We're probably going to find that either the monitored items fail to get created for some reason, or that the server simply isn't sending any values after they get created. You're going to have to just believe my diagnosis because I can't objectively prove it without a Wireshark capture.