No Voice when alarm call is placed

I’ve had this problem at 4 different locations (4 different gateways on 4 different networks) on various version of Ignition 7.9. The alarm call is placed and the operator receives the call but there is no voice/audio. Ignition shows the audio files are being sent (we’ve done several captures with Wireshark), however they aren’t played at the receiving end. I’ve spent days troubleshooting this with tech support and various client’s IT departments. At two of the locations we finally just ended up having an analog phone line installed and using a grandstream. At another we gave up on voice and relied on SMS and email. At another, there was no analog line available so we used a grandstream, plugged the analog line into an ATA box, and the ATA box converts our 2 foot analog line back to digital and back on the network. That solution (hokey as it is) has worked now reliably for 3 years. When we had the SIP connection, about 50% of our calls would work, and the others would have no voice. I have a client now that is experiencing the same issues. Voice calls actually play the audio about half the time (and nobody does anything to make it work/not work again. Nothing changes). They have tried 3 different SIP servers, and this intermittent problem keeps resurfacing. At one point, I met with the IT department on site when the voice was not audible. I disconnected the Ignition gateway from the client’s network and connected directly to a hot spot and a cloud SIP. The voice played just fine. When I connected it back to the client’s network, the voice would not play. I tried to use this to prove to the IT department that the Ignition end of the deal was working properly. The IT department’s response was that they are not seeing the audio files being captured by any of their firewalls or security software. The SIP server’s tech support team says that the audio files are being received by the SIP server but they are “out of sync” and can’t be played. The IT department says they aren’t capturing/filtering packets, and they can’t disable all security, and that all other SIP extensions are working just fine, and point the finger at our Ignition gateway. So I’m stuck, and my client’s frustration is boiling over. Any ideas? Thanks

Sounds like you need to call support. This forum is not official support.

Maybe he has already? Could just be casting a wider net?

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I’d be pushing harder here. This sounds dangerously close to the kind of nonsense tech support people fall back on when they can’t explain something.

I’ve done multiple cases with ignition tech support over the years. And the case always gets closed once we wireshark the packets and prove that Ignition is sending the packets correctly (according to Ignition). I don’t disagree with this, but I have had this same problem for years with multiple different networks, and the IT departments always point the finger back at our Ignition gateway. In all cases I have proven that I can get the audio files to play correctly by bypassing their network, yet they say their network is not capturing or interfering with the audio files- yet they still don’t play reliably and the only way I can “fix” is it is by doing an analog line. Whenever I push back on the SIP server end, the IT departments response is that “all other extensions are working just fine” I realize I am getting pushed aside, just wondering if others have run into this, or if there is any direction I can give these IT departments? My clients are frustrated.

In my experience this is a typical day at the office, the finger is always pointing at someone else, usually at someone that isn’t there at the moment.

All that aside, i have had similar difficulties that were caused by how IT had done an analog to ip conversion. It can be pretty annoying to deal with.

I would push back to IT. Chances are they need to adjust something on the server end. IT people are the laziest. And they love passing issues off to another department. Or maybe you should bypass the IT department and go to straight to tech support for whatever vendor is actually handling this. I would post OS, and Hardware setup info. Maybe even hit a forum on stackexchange. relevant