Node Red Tag Read not working

I’ve got the ignition-tag-write node working, writing a string tag. But I can’t seem to get a tag read working.

There’s isn’t much to configure, so this is a head-scratcher since I can get the write to work against the same server.


I’m just wiring the output to a debug node, expecting to see something. I’m also using a catch node, but don’t see anything there.

Knowing basically nothing about node-red or the integration here:
Does the tag path need to be qualified? E.g. [default]test_read?

It’s supposed to use the default path if not specified, but yea, I tried that as well and it’d didn’t work.

Figured it out. The node does require something on the input to trigger it.

Using a trigger node on an interval creates a polled (on interval) tag read.

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