Node-RED UDT tag write

@Travis.Cox should it be possible to write to a UDT tag. The docs say read from UDT is possible, but doesn’t explicitly say that write to UDT is possible.

I’m injecting the following to the write node:


And the ignition-tag-write node is returning:


Bad_Unsupported looks ominous.


We don’t have support for that at the moment. It certainly is possible. I can add this request to the list.

Please do add it. Once in the request list, how long might it take to get it done?

I could probably wait a few weeks or so for it, but much beyond that I’d need a workaround.


I think I can get to that next week. There are few items that I need to complete in both the module and the NodeRED nodes. I will get back to you next week.

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I shoud have mentioned that you can write to a UDT tag now with the following:


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We have released a new version, 1.5.8, that includes a tag read node over web sockets so Ignition will push value changes into the flow versus polling for the values. It also has more options for dynamic payloads including support for nested structures.

See here.