Node Red Vanilla MQTT


I have managed to successfully connect Node-Red to Ignition using the MQTT Distributor, Engine and using the Sparkplug node.

I’d like to know if I can achieve the same using the vanilla MQTT nodes in Node-Red.

I’ve tried to use a custom namespace and could successfully get data from Node-Red into Ignition, but could not publish data back to Node-Red.

I’ve also tried the Transmission module, but that seems to send data in a Sparkplug format that Node-Red doesn’t interpret.

My knowledge of MQTT is rather limited and the Cirrus Link docs are light.

Can the MQTT module talk to Node-Red and if so, can someone please nudge me in the right direction?


@deon.korb There are new script functions in the recent MQTT modules that can be used to publish data back to arbitrary topics of a connected MQTT server (in the case of MQTT Engine).

OK, so it wasn’t me missing something obvious.

I’m happy with the Sparkplug node for now. I was just wondering about a future application where the device does not support Sparkplug, like an Arduino or something.

If they do it in a more native tag linking kind of way, I might revisit this.

Thanks anyway.