NodeJs OpcUa Client

Hi, I don't know if it is possible to connect nodejs opcua client to ignition opcua server.

Probably. What have you tried? (After configuring Ignition to allow an external connection, that is. It doesn't allow it by default.)

I use the node-opcua library for nodejs, I create an opc client and server but the connection is not established
How do I configure the external connections?

The critical information is documented here:'s+OPC+UA+Server

Key items:

  • Change the bind address(es) to include an external IP address of your gateway.

  • Change the endpoint address(es) to match.

  • Adjust the security policies per your client's capabilities.

  • Create another user/password combination in the OPC user source for your client to use.

{ I don't do this myself, but many here on the forum have made such connections. }