Non ASCII Characters in tags inserting in to postgres database tabel

Hi i am inserting a tag in to databse table

before inserting tag name

inserted tag in database table

how to insert the tag with Non ASCII Characters to database?

This is almost certainly a database configuration problem (encoding), which cannot be changed on existing tables. You will have to shut down, move the data, recreate with a UTF8 encoding, and move the data back.

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can’t we able to do encoding for upcoming records in that table?

No, encoding in PostgreSQL is a database setting. Modern Linux distros commonly set up UTF8 encoding to avoid problems. Historical defaults for PostgreSQL are 7-bit ASCII or 8-bit Latin1, IIRC.

By shutting down, I mean the whole database and all of its tables will have to be fixed.

But look at your database’s properties to make sure this is the problem.


Is there any other way can we do…

Query the records from database… can we able to do UTF8 encoding and show data in power table?

One more reason to never use non-ASCII characters in tag names, db fields, table names, …


If you really have a misconfigured DB, I think the answer is no. You need some amount of downtime.

Consider standing up a new DB instance at a new address, use logical replication to duplicate the data, then switch to the new instance. That would minimize your downtime (a few minutes).


Hi, I have checked database is configured properly.

I have used unicode(tagname) to insert in to database. Now its inserting properly

But i am query the record from database
for example my record
[ [default]Montreal/IN40RM/Quality/Montreal_Moulin/InspectionPoint/InspectionPointMeasures/Measure/Eau_combinée_Marmite _1/CharacteristicValue, [default]Montreal/IN40RM/Quality/Montreal_Moulin/InspectionPoint/InspectionPointMeasures/Measure/Eau_combinée_Marmite _1/Maxvalue]

its in list format

but when i use Split function

i am again getting this combinée_Marmite this format

how to use split without changing the format?

tagpaths =  selectpath.getValueAt(0,0)
		#print type(tagpaths)
		tagpaths= tagpaths[1:-1]
		tagsplit= tagpaths.split(', ')
		#print unicode(tagsplit).decode('utf-8')
		listIn = tagsplit
		listOut = [str(i) for i in listIn]

		remove_duplicate = list(set(listOut))
		#ds = system.dataset.toDataSet(['selectedPath'], [[x] for x in listOut])
		ds = system.dataset.toDataSet(['selectedPath'], [[x] for x in remove_duplicate])

this is the code i am using

That’s good.

Don’t use str(). Use unicode() instead. (making listOut)

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Its working now thanks