Non-editable background numeric text field


The numeric text field has a “non-editable background” color property that can be set to a desired color in designer. This color seems to be triggered when the editable flag is low or the protected mode flag is high. However, when you set security for the object and then login with a user that doesn’t have a role giving him access, the background goes to gray. Is there a way to control the color scheme for a secured object?

In a related question, what sets the “protected mode” flag? I tried linking a numeric text field to a SQLtag with permissions, but the background color does not change if I am logged in as a user with read-only or read-write permissions. Input is blocked if you don’t have permission, but the numeric field appears the same. I also notice that, if I have a tag with permissions on it and I initially log in with a role that has neither read-only nor read-write permission, the numeric text field is red cross-hatched with a do not enter icon. The trouble is that this overlay does not disappear when I change users. I have to actually log out of Ignition, causing it to close, and then log in with a privileged user to see the contents of the field.


The protected mode flag is set by you through binding. Generally speaking, I don’t put permissions on the tags, but use the lookup function on the roles dataset to decide if it’s enabled/visible/protected.

In this topic, Travis gives an excellent example on how to use it.

Thanks for the reply. I have it working the way I want by doing something similar to the example you mention and not using the component security.