Non-editable input editable when using touchscreen - bug?

I have a numeric text field, which is enabled, but not editable. (I didn’t want to disable it, because that greys it out and makes the text a bit more difficult to read.) When I’m in preview mode, I can put the cursor in the field, but I can’t edit it. It’s read only. When I’m in touchscreen mode and I put the cursor in the field, the touchscreen keyboard pops up and I can edit the field. That doesn’t seem right to me. Is it the intended behavior.

I can probably work around this by replacing my component with a numeric label, but thought I’d report it anyway.

Yeah, you’re right, that isn’t correct. We’ll get it fixed, but in the meantime the workaround is simple:

Set the field’s “Touchscreen Mode” (expert property) to “None”, and then add the touchscreen logic yourself to the field’s mousePressed event with something like this:

if fpmi.gui.isTouchscreenModeEnabled() and event.source.isEditable(): event.source.intValue = fpmi.gui.showNumericKeypad(event.source.intValue)