Non english characters in MessageBox, WarningBox, ConfirmBox

I have problems with non-english characters in MessageBox, WarningBox, ConfirmBox popups.
My Ignition PC is set to Slovenian in Regional setting. In System Status page Ignition shows correct locale: sl_SI.
But when I use Slovenian language to show message in MessageBox or WarningBox or ConfirmBox popup, it’s not showing Slovenian letters (chars) like: š,č,ž, Š,Č,Ž… but some strange characters.
In the popup the message should be: “Ali res želite izbrisati izbrano šifro?”
(Do you really want to delete selected code?)

I’m I missing something?

I have latest Ignition (7.6.5-rc1 (b2013122712), Windows 7 ultimate with Slovenian language.

I used this site to convert unicode to html:

Ali res želite izbrisati izbrano šifro? returned Ali res želite izbrisati izbrano šifro?.

Putting it into a warning box:

system.gui.warningBox("<html>Ali res &#382;elite izbrisati izbrano &#353;ifro?")

Thank you. :prayer:
Thank you. :prayer:
Thank you. :prayer:

Why is this necessary for Message, Warning, Confirm and ErrorBox-es? Everywhere else (designer, client windows) I can use these characters.


In Python, non-Latin characters need to be Unicode strings, which are marked by a u in front of the string. This means your popup message string should be coded as u'Ali res želite izbrisati izbrano šifro?' It’s a silly standard, but there you are. :slight_smile:

The good news is that it doesn’t hurt to code all strings as Unicode.

Correctly coding the strings will now make them display correctly in message boxes, labels in components, and the console in Linux and Mac. The console in Windows does not handle Unicode like the rest of the world, and we don’t have that working correctly yet. (There is a hacky work around fr that – let me know if you need it).

Thank you. :thumb_right:

I really didn’t know that. A man is learning as long as he lives. :slight_smile: