Non-Rectangular Containers - SVGS for buttons

Is there a way to make non-rectangular containers or have svgs “click-box” for event configurations be non-rectangular and instead be the same as the svg? Also for making the borders around svgs be non-rectangles. I know I can use multiple containers or svgs made from rectangles but that only works for simpler shapes. Thanks!

Try adding the style border-radius.

or just add onclick events on an svg.
You will also need to add ontouch events if you want ti to work on touchscreen. i think
idk if you can actualy change the “clickbox” shape of svgs in ignition tho

I used border-radius here.
Is there a way to get it to wrap around the L block?

HTML/CSS doesn’t support non-rectangular divs. Breaking the shape down into smaller rectangular containers for an approximation is the best you can do.

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