Non-responsive issue

Hello everyone!

I found this file, after my app was slow and stopped everything.
Could you help to understand what is happening please?

I was thinking that is the memory for the project but I am not sure.
NonResponsiveEdt-2023-10-18_034623.json (372.7 KB)

You are have a long-running named query executing from an actionPerformed event.

Let me check if I can find the query because I have different queries running and getting data using some filters for datetime, names, numbers, so I don´t know which query.

I need to put information of the queries in tables.

All queries that you use for display data should be in named query bindings, so they don't hog the foreground thread. Queries that modify database content (in reasonable quantities) can be on button scripts, but the button script should not run queries to refresh your display afterwards. Use Ignition's system.db.refresh() function to tell the appropriate bindings to run again (which will happen in the background).

(Same with tags--don't read tags in scripts or expressions in a UI. Use tag bindings to bring data to your UI properties in the background.)


I call the query as this way:

Yes. (But your dropdown isn't showing any NQs?)

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