Non-SCADA Applications of Ignition

I’m looking for examples of non-SCADA and non-control system applications of Ignition. For example, point-of-sale systems, or church related, or recreational and sports related, etc…

Hi Tommy,

This is a very interesting question. Out of curiosity, why are you asking?

One of the most well known examples is Inductive Automation’s CRM. It is an Ignition project.

This related topic might be interesting:

We’re using it as a Daily Management system. Entry of safety metrics and calculations of them. Alongside the SCADA of course.

Hmm… non-SCADA…

  • Weather Conditions brought in from our weather station.
  • Time Clock.
  • Tracking Items we have sent out for repair.
  • Currently working on one that looks at an incoming configuration file and automatically create programs that can be used in our LIN boxes. (okay, technically, that could be construed as SCADA-ish, but I defy Wonderware or Citech to make that claim! :mrgreen: )

For our church we use Planning Center Online to handle our scheduling, but there’s no reason it couldn’t be done in Ignition.

I’ve used Ignition to create a visitor badge printing kiosk.

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Besides some SCADA, we are using it to:
-step by step Production Process tracking & analysis (not connected to a machine) based on operator input
-Product Shipping notifier (emails certain people when the shipper presses a button)
-Complete statistical analysis of Operator performance metrics
-Virtual Area Board management system (virtual factory)
-Combined statistical report of important product quality metrics

and some other things (FFT analysis, but that’s complicated). I’ve thought about using it at home to log things, and also maybe with an Arduino, but haven’t had the time to put into that…yet…

I’m aware of one point of sale system, for a restaurant (attached to a brewery, which uses it in a more traditional manner). Also, I’m aware of one equipment management/tracking system, where operators use it to check equipment out of a storage room.


Thank you all for your replies!!

I’m looking at several possible applications, but one that particurlarly interests me is a child check-in/check-out kiosk at our kids church facility. We’d like to tie it to our member database and possibly display photos when an RFID device is swiped… Our pastor and staff want to make sure that we keep our kids as safe as possible!!

I’m also interested in inventory tracking applications with barcode readers as well.

I’ve got many SCADA related examples here in my own world (Oil & Gas), but I’m interested in what Ignition can do for me in other areas that I am involved in outside of work…

I have had a couple of conversations with a hospital administrator that I know and I can’t find any reason that would prevent Ignition being used in a hospital (perhaps compliance with special regulations)

From a data perspective, a patient is just a consumer of services and a data producer. basic things like location tracking, drug list, drug usage (drug limits and alarming for failure to dispense?) temperature and blood pressure trending and reminders. drug track and trace. surgical tool track and trace. I know its very complicated but it could be an interesting project for anyone brave enough

I have worked with customers in the past that are using Ignition as a solution for their finance department.

Im building a work order system that will tie in with quick books for order tracking, inventory tracking, employee time, etc. I will also probably add in some CRM stuff to keep track of customer relations.

I’d love to see the export of this project! lol