NoneType object has no attribute 'parent'

What's the right way to access "TextField" from a binding in root?

self.getSibling I think if I've understood you correctly ?

Is it not coming through correctly from the property selector? That is the easiest least error prone way to get the path's to the properties on components.


I've updated my question...I've trying to access TextField from the root of the view

In that case the path in the "configure property binding" is correct and will return the text inside the Text Field
if you want it within the script area. it would be self.getChild("Header").getChild("Create Waffle Pack Tag").getChild("TextField").props.text

as bkarabinchak.psi says though your best bet is using the property selector

Just a word of caution that you should avoid running a browse operation in a script transform like this. Your performance will have a very good chance of tanking.

This operation should be handed off to another thread, using system.tag.invokeAsynchronous() or run in a gateway message handler using system.util.sendMessage()

that works, thank you!