Not a valid tag name

I am creating a bunch of SQL tags based on the clients device names.
It appears that ‘28L67’ is invalid. I’m guessing that it is because it’s starting with a #.

  1. What are the tag naming rules? Can they be put in the user manual please?
  2. Can you change it so that ‘28L67’ is an allowed tag name? Please? :prayer:

I’ve ended up prefacing numeric tags with an underscore.

For the moment I’ve done something similar. However, This tags are been generated by a 3rd party application and are been accessed/updated by it as well. Having to filter all tags access means a bunch of work that I’d rather not have to do.

Why is the limitation there? If it’s an OPC standard, I can see it for OPC tags, but I’m not using OPC.

Right now tag names are restricted to starting with a character or an underscore. It was coded this way out of habit, I suppose, since we are used to this sort of naming restriction for things like database columns, programmatic variable names, etc.

I don’t think there should be any problem allowing digits as the starting character of tag name.

So I can look for it in this weeks release? :smiling_imp:

Yes you can! It is done.

you guys are awesome :prayer: :prayer: :prayer:

More things you can not put in a SQL TAG name:
é + . ( ) /

Things you can put in a SQL Tag name:

Can the naming restrictions please be added to the documentation? :prayer:

This info will be in the help manual in the next release.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Where are the naming rules in the manual? I cannot find them. If you search for naming in the documentation it simply pulls up Named Queries and such.