Not able to add components in Perspective view

Hi Team,

I was working in Ignition v8 perspective view and suddenly all the perspective components has disabled. So I am not able to draw any component on the page.

Please note that, I have worked on it before without any issue but today it has happened unexpectedly. Also I am able to get components in Vision. This is only happening to Perspective.
At first I thought this is due to my 2 hour trial end so I restarted but It didn’t help. please see attached screenshot for reference.

Thank you in advance.

OS: Windows
Ignition version: 8.02
Intel i5 8th gen

Your designer is in preview mode. Check the toolbar at the top, you can exit the mode by clicking the ‘play’ button in the toolbar.

Oh damn! Yes I tried every stuff and…
this was what causing it. Thanks