Not able to connect PLC with ignition on Docker

I am able to connect to compactlogix PLC with ignition on windows machine . On the same network I am not able to connect to PLC with ignition on Docker .
Technically I did the same configuration while setting up OPC Device connection. But communication fails.
Is there any additional configuration on docker that I need to take care of? I am using Ignition 8.1.28

Typical configurations will have your Docker containers be able to resolve and connect to the same networks that you can reach from your host. Are you using a VPN to connect to the PLC? What kinds of errors are you getting in your logs related to the device connection?

I am on same network as Docker machine is .I could go online with PLC from work machine which is also on same network.
I tried mapping logic PLC port in the docker container .Please see the attached image. But it didn't make any change.

I have setup SQL and Ignition as two containers packaged together. Will this be an issue?

On the VPN side all the machines are on VM and i access them all through VPN
Below is the Trace log in GW for this PLC

Make sure you have a default gateway set on the PLC side of things.