Not able to create project display


I am fairly new to Ignition. I was able to connect to a OPTO22 PLC and was able to work with multiple tags. But, the application is not letting me build a screen or for that matter do anything else. Any suggestions?

It looks like you're on a limited version of Edge that doesn't have visualization. I can't remember if it's got the exact same name in 7.9, but in 8.x we call it Edge Panel.

Basically, you're missing the module required for HMI; in 7.9 (the version you have) this is the Vision module, exclusively.

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I understand, can i get a quote for it please?


You'll have to talk to a sales rep. Or possibly Opto, I have no idea how the process works for onboard devices.

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You would contact sales. This forum is for users (and occasional IA devs) to help each other. It isn't even official support.