Not able to drag SVG file in designer window

a while ago I dragged a SVG file into designer and edited it, later when I try to do the same thing it is not working, I even tried reinstalling Ignition 7.5.2. may I know how to enable this feature.

Bringing an SVG file into the Ignition Designer should work in 7.5. Are you getting any error messages?

No, I do not get any error message instead the cursor turns to black circle with horizontal line in center while dragging and does nothing.
I even tried reinstalling Java.
I was able to drag yesterday morning when I tried the same in the evening the feature was not functional.

You should only get that mouse icon if you are trying to drag and drop the svg over an area of the designer that doesn’t support the ability to drop (e.g. the project explorer). You should be able to drop the svg onto and open window that you are currently editing. What version of Java are you using?

Java- 1.7.0_09, while trying various ways i succeeded cleaning Java cache.but it happens often and i need to clean java cache.

Does this happen with just one particular SVG file, or any SVG file that you try? If it’s just one, could you post it up?

Also, is this SVG graphic coming from the Symbol Factory module? Make sure that module is licensed.

It happens when I drag any SVG, it is not form Symbol factory, Now it does not work even cleaning JAva cache

Can you try launching the designer in Java 6? Maybe it is an issue with Java 7.

I finally uninstalled Java run time environment and installed version 6. now I am able to drag SVG files into designer.

Thanks, I will add a ticket in for this.

I was not able to reproduce this. I ran under Java 7u9 and I was able to drag SVGs in without a problem. Can you narrow this down further? Maybe send us the SVG that wasn’t working?