Not able to edit Ignition Perspective table

I am not able to edit table in Perspective. I added a table to show some values from database. I enabled the allowEditOn property to double-click. But nothing happens when I double click a cell in the table.

The column you want to allow editing on must be configured to allow for editing.

Assuming you have a table which contains a column with a header of “city”, then you should verify the following configuration:

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Column options not available

Scroll down in Table.props and locate the columns property. You must add an entry for that array, configure the field property of the new column entry to match the name of the column you want to make editable, and you must set editable for this column to be true. You should also create a column entry for each of your other columns which you would at least like displayed.

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No luck whatsoever. Actually it’s working in iginition but not in browser. :expressionless:

Ignition is acting weird. It’s showing one thing in the designer and something else in the browser!

It’s strange. It started working out of nowhere!