Not able to Export MQTT tags

Hello team,

Currently i am developing application under ignition perspective [Ignition edge version]
I have installed MQTT modules which is required for my application development.

the thing is I cannot export MQTT tags as the export button is disabled.



Is there any way to export the MQTT tags?

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These tags aren't able to be exported because the MQTT engine creates them for you, so there would be nothing to import; the tags you get are derived from the state of the MQTT system.

What are you actually trying to accomplish with an export of these MQTT tags?

actually i am using an MQTTfx application to publish the tags in to my ignition edge application.

When ever the connection from MQTTfx app is lost .all the tags which are present in ignition edge will be lost too..

So if i have an export option for these tags, i can take a backup of these tags and keep it [just for understanding the json format of MQTT tags]

I am also having a page[perspective view] where i have also done the binding of all the mqtt tags to show the changing values on the screen.

if i am not able to export the tags under MQTT engine... atleast the save path if changed [from MQTT engine to other path] i thought there are possibilities of exporting the tags..