Not able to Filter data from my Dataset

Hello All, I want to filter data on a dropdown event. here i have to take the data from one power table and filter it on other power table using dropdown list. please provide me the solution.
Thank you.

More information provides better answers. Perhaps an example with screenshots would help your case.

In the above Screenshot, a table is shown which we have created manually using dataset and there are four column from which column “Group” is used for filtering data. When I click the Alarm button shown on left hand side, then all data related to alarm or no. of rows alarm has, it need to be filtered on the other table and same with other button also if the resp. button is pressed then the respective data is shown on other table.
guide me on how to get the best solution for this.
Thank you

Sorry guys first i want it on dropdown list button but then i decided to filter it via button only.

I’m not sure I understand completely, but here is what I read:

If you click the 'Alarm' button, for example, you want all the rows in this dataset you're showing with 'Alarm' in the Group column in the first table to show in a second table.

Let me know if I’m off base on this. :slight_smile:

# List of items to filter. The upshot is that if you need to look for multiple items, you can just add to this list.
# e.g. ['Alarm', 'Bits'] 
filterList = ['Alarm']

# get data from the first table
dataIn = system.dataset.toPyDataSet(event.source.parent.getComponent('Power Table 1').data)

# extract headers from the dataset. This saves having to type them all over again.
columnNames = list(dataIn.getUnderlyingDataset().getColumnNames())
dataOut = []

for row in dataIn: 
  # check to see if the value in the Group column is in our list of filters
  if row['Group'] in filterList:

# send filtered data to the second table.    
event.source.parent.getComponent('Power Table 2').data = system.dataset.toDataSet(columnNames, dataOut)

yup, it works @JordanCClark. thank you for the solution looking forward to disturb you again :grinning: