Not able to lauch anything after importing gateway 8.0.10 from Linux to windows server fails

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I am looking again for ideas how to further troubleshoot serious issue which i had several month ago and i am looking into this again to solve it properly. This issue was bypassed by creating fresh gateway and manually configuring it which works now but is very time consuming and obviously error prone.

I am using version 8.0.10 and when i exported gateway from linux and imported to the windows environment after downloading and installing designer laucher and client laucher i am not able to lauch anything :frowning:

Any ideas which logs to check or how to troubleshoot it further? I hope the fact that the gateway came from linux server is not relevant just coicidence…

The ignition.conf file has folder names in platform format. Since it also has important settings needed for a restore to function, it is included in a gateway backup. When moving to a different operating system, one must edit the ignition.conf file after restore to use the new platform’s file system information. Then restart the service.

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Many thanks for your help again but my issue turned out to be different to what i originally thought. After transferring the gateway I had to modify gateway xml file to set "forced secure redirect" to false and then restart ignition service. After that i am able to launch designer and client again.

the procedure was described in the post below:

I am very glad that every day i keep learning something new thanks to this forum :slight_smile:

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