Not able to load Existing Projects in Designer

Dear Inductive Team,

We installed latest Ignition Release on one of our System (Windows XP; JRE 6 Update 17; 512MB allocated for Ignition Designer). We are trying to access the Project from another system (Windows 7 32-Bit; JRE 6 Update 17 32-Bit;).

Till few days back we are able to open the Designer and able to edit existing project or create new project. However, from yesterday onwards We are not able to load the designer for existing in Windows 7 System. We are able to create new Project. Another interesting thing is the Local System (Widnows Xp) system able to load project and Edit.

Can you provide some suggestion for resolving this issue.

Thank you

On the Windows 7 computer go to the C:\users\username folder and delete the .ignition folder.

Dear Greg,

We did what you mentioned. Still, we are getting project load problem in designer (Error loading project, Error listing projects, Error listing authentication profiles, Error listing database connections, Error listing SQLTags providers).

Can you post the error messages here.

Is the Windows 7 system on a domain? Do you have roaming profiles configured?

Dear Greg Simpson,

Please find the enclosed attachments for Error messages.

Dear Greg Buehler,

Our systems are not in any domain. They are more like personal computers connected in a Small office network.

Update to the latest version of Java, Java 6 update 33.
Make sure that your firewall is configured.
Make sure that you have the right authentication profile and that it is configured properly.

Also, what version did you upgrade from?

Dear Greg,

We updated to Java 6 update 33. Authentication configured properly. We have firewall ON for both WindowsXP, Windows 7 systems (Is this what you mentioned ? or we missed something). This is a fresh installation, not an upgrade. Still we are facing same issue.

Another interesting thing is, we uploaded Exported project into another system. Here also we are facing same problem (not able to open in designer, but able to open in browser).

By configuring the firewall, on the Windows 7 computer, go to the control panel, open windows firewall, select advanced settings, then inbound rules, then new rule, then select port, then next, then enter 8088 (or whatever port your using for Ignition) then select next, next, next, give it a name and select next.

It would be very helpful if I could see the full details of the error message.

What are you not able to do? You’re not able to connect to a different computer that has the project on it with the same Windows 7 computer?

Are you able to do a go to meeting on the Windows 7 computer or the computer that has the Ignition gateway, or both?

Also, what changed

Dear Greg,

I apologize for not making things clear for you. We are aware of these Firewall settings and these settings are already in place.

We reside in India. Is it possible for you to setup a GoToMeeting for looking into the issue ?

We exported project from WindowsXP System. Installed Ignition on Windows 7 and uploaded the project. If we open designer in Windows 7, it shows project list and Clicking on (exported) project, above posted errors are popped up.

We will check GoToMeeting on both the system and let you know.

We did not made any software or any other updates. We gone through Windows Event Viewer and not found anything suspicious. Is it possible for us to find some clue in Ignition log (In fact I gone through Gateway > System Console during error message. There is no log related to this )?

I would do the following:

  1. Clear the Java cache
  2. Delete the .ignition folder in C:\Users\Username\

Then try launching again. Let me know if the .ignition folder gets created once you launch the client.

Dear Travis,

Sorry for delayed response.

  1. I stopped Ignition Service and I cleared my Java cache.
  2. I deleted the .ignition folder in C:\Users\Username\

I started and opened the project again. It created .ignition file again. However, still not able to load the project.

If you have been exporting the project from the designer when you move it, try this:

On the system that is working properly, make a gateway backup from the Ignition Gateway, not the designer. Take that backup and restore it to one of your systems that is not working properly.

The only thing to try now is to remove all Java installations on the client machine and then re-install Java. That might fix the issue.

Thank you Greg and Travis for your valuable inputs.

We re-installed Java and Ignition; Exported the Gateway Backup. It is working fine now.