Not able to login to Ignition gateway after restoring .gwbk file

I took a previously backed up gateway file taken from client’s machine and trying to restore it in my machine using ignition 8.1. After restore I cannot login to the gateway, as it says incorrect username or password. Now if I will try to reset the gateway password using gwcmd method, will it affect the gateway running on client’s machine or will it just be changed for my machine.

Just yours.

Thank you, Kevin

Unless you do development and then send them a gateway backup to install in their machine. Just to be clear.

@pturmel I will have to make some changes in a project file in the designer and then have to install the latest file in the clients systems, hope that will work and password reset will have nothing to do with it.

For a project export, it won’t be a problem. If you send them a gateway backup with your changes, it will include your changes to the authentication credentials.

Sounds good I will just send them updated project file, which they can import in their existing gateway. I am working on ignition 8.1 and project was created on older version probably 7.9, will it affect anything or is there a way to avoid any setbacks regarding versions?

If they are still running 7.9 you must do your modifications in 7.9 as well. They will not be able to import something you modified in 8.x.

Thanks @Kevin.Herron
Do you know how to create backup for client in ignition 7.2, as it does not have a vision client launcher.

I had the same problem, here I expose my solution:
After restore .gwbk file I couldn’t login on Gateway anymore. But, I could open the Project on Designer.
I opened the project on Designer, I export the project, all screens and tags.
I reinstall ignition.
I create a new project empty with the same name and, one time opened on designer, I could import all screens and tags.

I only need to do a few steps of configuration on Gateway.

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