Not able to open Barcode Scanner in webview

Hello Team,
i am currently working on ignition perspective application which has barcode concept introduced in it.
i am able to scan the barcode via any android phones which has ignition application.
But i am not able to run the barcode scanner using external webcam or internal webcam in Web browsers.

Can you provide a solution for this.

There is no solution for this. Only mobile applications can use the barcode functionality of Perspective.

Is it possible to launch the barcode scanner in browser using Ignition Vision?

Vision has its own barcode scanning options, and can talk to client-side serial-attached scanners of any kind. Launching a browser from Vision wouldn't magically make the browser able to open a barcode scanner.

(And remember, Vision is not mobile-compatible.)

Why do you want scanning thru browser? Any specific requirement like remote scanning or a locally connected scanner device to ignition will suffice?

I can tell you right now that I wish Perspective had this capability with even the desktop apps. We've got a big client who has ruggedized Windows tablet/convertible laptops who wants to be able to scan things with it. My only solution for them right now would be to buy some sort of external scanner. I was originally going to think about Windows Subsystem for Android on Windows to run the Perspective app in it, but it sounds like that (WSA) may be going away soon.

Im sure there are browser extension than can do this

Not tested but found this very fast

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You can load OpenCV in a Vision Client through my Image Streamer module, then use its ability to open local webcams. From there:

{Yeah, I know, not Perspective.}

I just played with it, and it scans to it's own window/scan history, but doesn't put what you scan into a field. You have to select the item then copy it to the clipboard (there is a copy button at least). Not as streamlined as a native scanner.

There will be some such restriction for browser accessing native devices. Does Perspective use React Native or React?

You could use the Barcode Scanner Input with a Bluetooth Barcode scanner, or something like a Zebra with build in Barcode scanner.
I started with the QR scanner but this was only convenient when a single barcode needs to be scanned because it's not designed for continuous scanning.
Detecting a barcode from an image is slower than an actual barcode scanner.


Thanks. Perhaps if it was ReactNative we could have used camera device.

Could someone give references to documentation on adding react modules in perspective?

i suggest you try out a couple more browser extension before you try something else, cuz if none of those work i doubt you can make what you are looking for

So it does work? There are tons of such extensoin who might work a bit different

Yes, but it's not very convenient. Would be easier to just buy a hardware barcode scanner.

It certainly would be nice to have the built in perspective barcode scanner work outside of having to download the perspective app on their phones. We have an application where we don't want our customers having to download the persepctive app and also exposing all our other projects. We now have had to resort to a 3rd party barcode web browser app using React JS and this has defeated the purpose of perspective. Inductive Automation need to address this issue.

How does this 3rd party bar code web browser app communicate with Ignition?

Use Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) software to control what project is loaded etc.
Ignition Perspective App | Ignition User Manual (

There are ways to apply the management to personal devices (BYOD) as well as company-owned ones. Something like ScaleFusion.

We do this with Cipherlab Handhelds that have built-in scanning engines with their ReMoCloud EMM.

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