Not able to open Designer

Hi, Experts,

Do you have same issue with me when after upgrade to Ignition 8.1.37, when I open designer, it shows me this error:


for this PC itself, I am not install any JVM, always use the runtime by designer installed by default, I tried also to delete .ignition/cache but when I reopen, this error still exist and not able to use

do you have any idea?

thanks a lot!

This is a java version error
Pretty sure igntion should update java itself though... so idk where this errors comes from. maybe it doesnt update it for the designer

yep, I fully uninstalled designer and deleted folder, download from gateway server and install again, not useful, same issue, as a temporary solution I replaced all the sub folder under .ignition/cache\resources\runtimes\17.0.9 with the new JRE then designer able to be open, so I think the last version of designer have default JRE issue, so update to correct version which it needs

It seems there's some upgrade path in (a) recent Ignition version(s) that fails to update the JRE that Ignition sends to launchers.

You probably need to completely reinstall the gateway, ensuring the old JRE embedded in its install folder is wiped out and replaced.

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Can you upload a copy of your install.log file? I want to check if any issues were reported during upgrade.

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install.log (202.6 KB)
here is the install.log, FYI