Not All Changes Reflect When Pushing a Client Update Until Client Restart

When pressing save in the designer to push a change to an active production environment I have seen that some clients will not reflect the changes properly. For example, after updating with a change to the column attributes of a table on the screen, the newly added columns which should have been hidden were displayed to the user on some clients until the client was restarted. This was accompanied by an error on these select clients, but unfortunately I don’t have record of the error currently. Is there any specific things that could cause a change like this not to reach a client, after the client receives the update?

I don’t think a client restart is needed.
Do you see the same behavior when closing and reopen the window (without restarting the client)?

Yes when this occurred swapping windows did not resolve the problem. It was as though the new version of the window did not get applied to the client until the user logged out from the Command > Log Out function or closed and restarted the client completely.

For this particular window I would change cache policy to Never.

This window, as well as nearly all others in the application use a cache policy of “Never.”

Try contacting support.

I’ve seen this where the cache gets ‘corrupted’, for lack of a better term. Deleting the cache seemed to do the trick for me.