Not connected Device Modbus


I have two machines (Machine-1) one with ip address where ignition Maker is installed and the other runs the Modbus Poll software which shares values with ip (Machine-2)

I'm trying to make a modbus connection between the two, but it won't connect.

I did the following setup:

but nothing, while if I enter localhost it works correctly, What could be the problem ?

Is the Modbus Poll software a master or a slave? What's the error in the logs? Why does localhost work, do you have slave software running there?

Thank you for answering
Modbus salve.
locally it works correctly, yes, I ran a test with Modbus slave running on the machine locally::

If I run the test with two different machines having same subnet (Ignition and Modbus slave ) it doesn't work, Ignition won't connect.

there aren't log

Does the second machine have a firewall thats blocking port 502?

yes, the port 502 was locked.
I have now opened the port 502 and everything works fine.
Thank you