Not deterministic angles

hi, i have a strange behaviour using self-made gauges:
i paste an svg needle in the container and set its angle property with an expression. the needle has a zero degrees position and i compute the dynamic position adding some degrees.

the problem is that on my designer the zero degrees position is correct, but opening the screen in other designers the zero position in different, so the gauge becomes completely useless!

is it a known bug?
thank you

What version of Ignition do you have? Can you post an example window to demonstrate the issue?

Ignition Platform
7.3.2 (b533)
Vision Module
5.3.2 (b301)
Mobile Module
1.3.1 (b55)
Reporting Module
1.3.2 (b46)
ActiveX Module
2.3.1 (b41)
Symbol Factory Module
2.5.1 (b26)

tomorrow i will post an example (anyway, i have a needle out of maximum range, in the bottom of the gauge)

Post the example when you can. In the meantime you can upgrade to 7.3.4 to stay current.

I meant an exported window that I can play with.

Is this a group you’re rotating, by any chance?

yes it was. now we’ve ungrouped it, and it seems working.

anyway we have issues on another symbol. it is not a group and it has the same behaviuor. i attached it. thanks
meter.vwin (98 KB)

Ok, group rotation has been fixed for 7.3.5.

Can you explain in more detail what’s wrong with the items you attached?

if you set the dynamic property that moves the needle, sometimes it’s rendered ok, sometimes it shown out of scale.
i suspect the reference of 0 degrees, to which angle expression is referred, is not the original one when i have the error. it changes sometimes reloading the designer on other computer for example, but not everytime… not deterministic :slight_smile:

my fear is that in design mode it’ll be ok and on customer’s screen it’ll have errors.

This should all be working now.

yes it is! :thumb_right: