Not getting email for ack pipeline after active email works in 7.9

I am creating an alarm tag in script with both an active and ack pipeline. I get the email when active is triggered, but not when I acknowledge it. The ack pipeline is an exact copy of the active one and when I switch them the ack works. But I only get one email.

I have read all the posts and don’t see anything like this problem being discussed. I am on 7.9.

What do you have the Dropout Conditions set to? The drop out conditions tell the pipeline when to exit. If you have Acknowledged set as one of the conditions then you won’t get an email when its acknowledged because it will exit the pipeline before it can send you the email.



Thank, that did it! I thought I bookmarked comprehensive documentation on all of the available properties for alarmConfig but I cannot find it. In an example from this forum I see this included:

[“NotificationList”, “Value”, notify]

But I don’t see that in the alarm tag. Can the list of those to be notified override what is defined in the pipeline configuration?