Not secure connection - Certificates

I have a private network where ignition is installed. For that reason I’m not interested in paying a CA. I’m looking for installing my own certificate but I’m not being able to do it.

On “Networking” < “Web Server” < “SSL / TLS” → “I have all the items above”
I can paste a private key but the server certificate gives me this error: “Server certificate is self-signed”.
So, is there another way to do it? Any advice?

Thank you!

In current versions, there is an advanced property for self-signed certificates.

But consider simply creating your own CA and using it to sign certs in your infrastructure. (A CA is a self-signed cert that is marked to allow signing other certs.) OpenSSL has documentation on how to do this.

I can create certs with XCA, but cannot use them on ignition (or maybe not doing it in the right way).

It’s easiest if you either let Ignition generate the self-signed certificate, or if generate a CSR from Ignition and then get it signed by a CA (even if it’s your own internal CA).

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Finally I did it with my own CA program without paying. I used XCA and it works for my private network.
You have to create four certificates, but first you need to understand how this works. This helped me out:

Following this last video you will be able to create: