Not see Transaction Group status (7.5.0)

I have trouble after I upgrade the version to 7.5.0 when I open my project and found the status (enable/disable/error) didn’t showing any status for some folder of the transaction group.
But if I do created a new folder/item the status of transaction group will showing.

I’m not sure that the problem happen only me or this problem happen for other.

We’ve had a number of reports about this for 7.5. It appears to only be a problem with the status, the groups are still running fine, and if you go to File>Open in the designer and reopen the project, it appears to work correctly from then on.

I’m going to take a look at replicating it here this morning. It seems to be some issue with the first startup of the designer.


Thank you. Reopen the project is displaying the status correctly, the problem just status displaying but the functional are working properly.

Now, I have more relax on this situation (worry for the TG running/not running)