Not seeing tag change in audit log


we are trying to use the audit system to see what users do, thus catch who did what. I thought the audit log was suppose to log all tag changes. But it seems when they use a HOA it does not record the tag being changed. Is there a way to track HOA usage to an audit log?

Thank you.

I’m using Version 7.8.5

IIRC, tag write auditing was added recently (some 8.1.x). You’d have to upgrade. (v7.8.5 is long past end-of-life.)

Is there a way (workaround) to make it work in 7.8.5?

They had auditing back in 7.8. I know 7.9 had tag writes. Not sure about 7.8, but looking at the manual it looks like they did.

Is this a multi state button component, or template?

HOA popup

What is an HOA popup, something you made?

Let’s start here, if you add a regular button does auditing work?