Not seeing tags populate for ControlLogix

Hello, learning ignition here. I have two ControlLogix PLC’s - one I can see the tags for it looks like, but the other (TOU_1) I do not. I have tried to reload the driver and it shows “connected” whereas before if I set it up wrong it would say disconnected. I’m sure someone has run into this - I gave the forums a scan but not seeing anything specific to my issue. I can provide more information if needed. Attached below is a picture of what I am referring to. In short - I am trying to teach myself to set up email alarm notification on certain tags being active. Looks like I have tags populating for my controller BH_MC1 but not TOU_1.

Thank you ahead of time for any guidance.

Go to Gateway | Config | OPC Client | OPC Quick Client and browse for TOU_1 there and see what’s going on. Click on the [s] links to subscribe to a tag and you’ll be able to monitor them in the status area below.

Tip: post screengrabs rather than photos. They always look better - but congratulations for cropping yours properly.

Below is what I pulled from your recommendation. From looking at that - for the TOU it looks like it is pointing to a control net interface module versus the actual PLC? PLC is clear as day for the product name for the BH_MC1.


If it is pointing to the ControlNET card then your pathing to the PLC is not correct.

Can you post the route that Ignition needs to follow to get to the PLC? Or a screenshot of RSLinx showing the rack etc…

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That makes sense. Attached is RSLinx to the controller. I’m referring to the manual also to try and get an idea on the correct addressing to point correctly


The manual actually give this example directly for the connection path: Allen-Bradley Connection Paths - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

Path should look like 1,0,2,3,1,0


Sweet. That did the trick. Thank you both for the direction. Attached below is the result. Looking forward to my official training course in August.