Note field associated with a chart data point

Please suggest ways to give users the ability to add a comment associated with a specific data point on a chart.

I hate to say this, but there currently isn’t any really good way to accomplish this. I’m taking the liberty of moving this thread to the FactoryPMI Feature Request forum.

The best you’re going to get right now is displaying a table of all of the points in the chart, and letting the user select the point in the table, and use that selection to allow comment editing.

BTW - this is a pretty important feature in my opinion, so I’m putting it on the official roadmap, tentatively for 3.2.

Good call - I’ve heard this request a few times.

My company also has a need for this feature and I was wondering what the status of its implementation was.

We work in the oil and gas industry and during charting we need the ability to annotate our graphs at specific data points. We use these annotations to indicate various parameter changes in the job. Right now, we have implemented this feature through the use of Paintable Canvas that is overlayed on the data graph. While this works when the job is being viewed within the Factory PMI application, the annotations will not print with the chart as they are contained in a separate component. Printing a chart with these annotations in them is very important to us, so if you could provide me with any updates on the status of this feature or suggest a better way to implement it, I would greatly appreciate it.

This feature has not been forgotten. In fact, half of it was implemented in version 3.1.5 with the ability to select datapoints. Now we just need a way for you to specify annotation data along with a point. I can’t say exactly when the feature will be implemented, but it is something that is pretty high on our lists.

Hi Carl

Any updates on this request? Currently using the new ignition version.

No updates, but still on the pending list.

I have looked around the forum for an answer to this question today and have not found a ‘built-in’ approach. It may be because it has been built-in, and I can’t find it. Is this feature now part of the Chart functionality?

No not yet. It has not been forgotten, just hasn’t made it in there yet. There is some talk of doing it for Ignition 7.7 but it’s not set in stone yet.

Thanks for the feedback, Carl. This is not a major issue for me, but it would be useful for a couple customers if available.