Notice of Domain Account Lock due to file

I did a deploy on a production server today and had to open up the designer to import some tags.
Later, an IT rep contacted me to let me know that my account had been locked out due to a file Varonis did not like. The file was in my .ignition cache folder, full path to the file is:

Not having any experience with Varonis, I can't speak to what it is looking for specifically that would cause this account lockout. Any ideas?


I can't tell you exactly what the file is other than "an internal cache file used by JxBrowser". JxBrowser is the browser library we use embedded in Java Swing, and it's used in the Designer (for Perspective), in Vision (in the Web Browser Module) and in Perspective Workstation.

There are a couple of ways to put that cache in a different place, but no way to entirely avoid its existence.

Thanks Paul.
I was sure it was a required file, just not sure why their monitoring software flagged it and therefore locked my account. I think the IT group should whitelist it or do something that still allows work to get done. Guess the worst that'll happen is my account will get locked again, then I won't be able to do anything but peruse the forum posts here! :smiley:

I will note that JxBrowser 7.12.1 is fairly old, which means you're on an older version of Ignition. If you can update to...8.1.28? or something like that, you'll get a much newer version of JxBrowser (and thus a much newer version of Chromium) which might make your IT department happier.

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Unfortunately, upgrading in this particular environment is challenging. It is a 21 CFR regulated process so changes are slow and arduous. We are currently on 8.1.19, and though, as one of the Ignition developers, I'd love to keep the app at the latest stable release version, it is not a priority to the management structure. I appreciate the input and will provide your comments on the existing file to IT in hopes they can provide some remedy to keep this from happening in the future.

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