Notification - Alarms stick in pipeline when tag is modified

I am having 2 issues with alarms

  1. Alarms are sticking in the Pipeline when a tag is modified
  2. Text message Acknowledgement through LS300 modem stops working after a period of time.

The problem was happening with version 7.6.5, so a few weeks ago I upgraded to 7.6.6 in an effort to fix the issue, however the problem is still happening.
I’m using an SQL tag provider to the alerting tags.

For issue 1 it seems as though when a tag is modified ( even non alerting properties of the tag, ie. numeric scale), if the alarm is active at the time of modification then the alarm sticks in the pipeline even though it does not show on the alarm summary page. To fix the problem I need to stop the gateway and delete the .Alarms file, then restart the gateway.

For issue 2, the SIM in the modem seems to stop receiving SMS, to solve the problem I need to remove the SIM and put it in a phone. Once this is done all waiting SMS come through ( last time there were about 300 SMS acknowledgements waiting ). Once this is done the system works ok for a few weeks.
I’m assuming that the SMS messages are filling up the SIM buffer (I think its usually 20 allowed on the SIM) and stopping anymore SMS being received. Has this issue been seen before & is there some configuration setting I need to change to stop this happening?

Any help on these issues would be much appreciated.

In regards to the first problem how are the tags being modified? And with the second issue I am currently going through the logs you sent in earlier today to see if there is anything that the gateway is seeing in terms of the disconnect of LS 300 modem.

The tags are from an sql tag provider and being modified using a script from the client, ie it changes a property and then sets the configchange time to the current time. However the same results come from changing the tag property from the designer.