Notification from a specific PLC

My apologies if this has a topic already, but I couldn’t find it in my search. I have built a workaround for it using tag change events at the moment, but none of the tags from a specific PLC will pass along notifications. They alarm just fine and show up in my alarm viewer, but even if i create an expression tag and point it at that tag, it does not send notifications. It doesn’t even try to send and fail, just nothing happens. I believe it has something to do with the periodic bad quality that I’m receiving from that specific PLC im getting as well (about every three seconds there is a one second period of 0 quality on the tags on that PLC. any help is appreciated.
If it helps, i am currently using 7.9.12

So you have a tag with an alarm attached to it, and have configured the active pipeline to use one of your alarm pipelines? Have you tried to test your alarm pipeline from the gateway webpage to see if it actually works?