Notification when value changes

One of our Managers wants to see when the speed of one of his machines is changed. Currently I have alarms setup for each speed and use alarm notification to email him,

I do not think that this is the optimal way to do this. I think that scripting it would probably be a better way to get the notifications without filling up the alarm log with routine speed changes.

What do you guys think would be the best way to get this notification. There are 30 different speed settings and then the off setting.

you could use a tag change script that sends out an email. see the function

The audit log may be an option as well, if he doesn’t need up-to-the-minute notification.

EDIT: I should clarify that’s if it’s changed within an Ignition client.

Thanks I just found where that goes and will work on the script.

I have the tag change script working, except there are times that it sends out emails if the tag changes for a second and then goes back to the original value. The Tag is coming from an Allen Bradley VFD and is in the data type of DINT in RSlogix 5000.
I have the following setup for the Tag history.
historical deadband set to 0.9
historical scanclass default historical
historical deadband mode absolute
value mode analog.

What would be the best way to prevent momentary changes of sending notifications?

You should really just use alarming for this with an active time deadband to prevent momentary changes from causing it to go active.

If you’re gonna do this in a tag change script then you are re-inventing the alarming wheel.

I had it working using alarms, but this tag could change multiple times an hour and it was filling up the alarm journal. I guess that I could have it going to a separate alarm journal. I will have to look at both ways and see which way works the best for me.

if I changed the historical deadband to 1.0 I wonder if that would help.