NotificationContext.notificationFailed, what is the fallback?

The description for the NotificationContext.notificationFailed method is “None of the AlarmEvents in this context could be sent due some underlying failure. If a fall-back for the current AlarmPipeline is defined, all events will be placed upon it for evaluation.”

I’ve done some poking around, and I haven’t found the fallback. Is the documentation correct about the callback, and if it isn’t, what is the expected behavior?


It seems the JavaDoc you’re reading pertains to an alternate universe where we followed through with some kind of fallback idea. :slight_smile:

So what does notificationFailed really do then?

It seems the main purpose is so that the delay that can be configured to occur between users as the notification block moves through the list of users to be notified does not get applied and the next user notification is attempted immediately.

Thanks for the quick reply.