Notifications in the Logs

I am seeing this message in wrapper.log continuously:

INFO | jvm 1 | 2017/06/16 07:32:21 | E [S.Manager ] [11:32:21]: The datasource 'ignitiondb' cannot accept data of the given type [__sqltaghistory__]. tag-provider=default

I’ve disabled all databases for our system. I’ve checked a sample of about 100 tags and they’re all set to “No” for the “Store history?” option. Is there an easier way to see which tag or tags are causing this without checking the remaining 1300 tags manually, or is this message indicative of something else?

I upgraded to 7.9.0 and noticed this but honestly it may have appeared before with the older Ignition setup.

The data trying to go into the database should be going into the store and forward system’s quarantine - if you go to Status -> Connections -> Store and Forward you can view the data, and if you export it to XML it may indicate the tagpath of the tags that it’s trying to log.