Notifications to smart devices

hello to all

I have a question regarding smart device notifications.

To make some kind of notification to my equipment, is a license required and what license would it be?

Can you go into more detail about what “smart device notifications” means?

Are you trying to send push notifications to cell phones? SMS? Something else entirely?

whether to send notifications via SMS or by any application

SMS there is a module for -

I think it uses twilio which is widely used for SMS.

If you mean a notification on your phone like you would get from say an installed instagram app “Someone like your post” - this I don’t think is currently possible but I would like to be proven wrong.

There’s two distinct modules; the SMS module requires a specific Airlink modem to make a direct SMS notification, and then the Twilio module just calls out to Twilio’s API and lets them handle the details.

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Pushover may be an option