Nube to Mitsubishi iQ-R connection to Ignition - need help

I am currently working with a customer that has Mitsubishi iQ PCL’s connected to Ignition through KepServerEX for an automated assembly line (not built by our company) that has 2 to 3 second delays waiting on data collection to complete and allow for processing of the next part.

Our Company is producing a new automated assembly line that is almost identical that will use Mitsubishi iQ-R PLC’s with CC-Link-IE Field Gig Speed Networks for many items, and we have been tasked by our customer with finding a way to try to talk Gig Speed to Ignition to eliminate delays. It is my understanding that KepServerEX cannot connect to CC-Link-IE Field through a PCI card (Q80BD-J71GF11-T2 CC-LINK IE FIELD PCI PC I/F).

Does anyone have experience with attempting to talk Gig Speed with Mitsubishi PLC’s with this PCI Card or talking Modbus through the Mitsubishi RJ71EN71 Ethernet/CC-Link-IE Field Module or the Mitsubishi iQ-R OPC UA Server Module (RD81OPC96)?

I requested information from IA Support but they could not provide me much help, so I would appreciate any help you would offer please.

This looks quite capable.

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I have some experience working through delays with the previous generation of iQ CPUs going through KepServerEX. I was able to get the delays down by tweaking the number of channels/devices that the tags talked through. It’s been a few years so I don’t remember if configuring multiple connections to each PLC, and thus, multiple channels in KepServerEX was better or fewer was better. They might have been a happy medium with using 2-3, but again, it’s been a few years.

At that time, I also found a limitation in the Mitsubishi driver for the blocksize that was remedied in version 6.1.601.0 that you might take a look at tweaking from the defaults.